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How to Lose Weight Fast - Take the vitamin supplement pantethine for quick weight loss

Pantethine is a special form of vitamin B 5, pantothenic acid.  It is the extremely biologically active coenzyme form of B 5. According to Byron J. Richards, CCN and co-founder of Wellness Resources, in his book (Mastering Leptin, 2003, pp. 165-166), “no other nutrient is as effective as pantethine” at hauling and transporting fat into metabolic action. It can “lower LDL cholesterol, raise HDL cholesterol (the good kind), lower triglicerides, and make blood less sticky”. Pantethine can “naturally stimulate the breakdown of stored fat in white adipose (fat) tissue”.

Richards cites a study of people with fatty liver disease having received 600 mg. of pantethine a day for six months or longer.  At the end of the study “CT scans of their abdominal areas showed significantly reduced  visceral (abdominal) fat, the type of fat around important body organs that is the largest concern for fat-associated serious disease. “ Richards goes on to say “this study is important because it proves this nutrient helps metabolize the type of fat, abdominal fat, that is most associated with the onset of disease. Pantethine has been shown to help you lose fat fast. NOW Pantethine, 600mg/60 Softgels  


We at take 600 mg.  of pantethine each day.

Take one 1000 mg. CLA softgel with each of your 5 meals per day and lose fat fast!

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a type of fat that naturally occurs in dairy products and meat when cows graze on grass. It is one of the most intensely researched nutrients in the world, and has been for the last 20 years, since its discovery by a team at the University of Wisconsin.

It’s one of the hottest weight loss supplements available. CLA triggers the loss of body fat by increasing the metabolic rate, decreasing the appetite, and causing more body-fat cells to be used for energy production. It has the ability to help lower body fat in both high- and low-fat diets, and to target fat in the abdominal region. (Am J Physiol 98; 275 (3 pt 2): R 667-672)

Human studies testing CLA’s ability to reduce body fat have produced truly impressive results. Body fat was reduced by 20 percent over a 12-week period simply by adding CLA supplements to the diet. And weight loss was achieved without any changes in diet or exercise. (J Nutr 00; 130 (12): 2943-2948) These results indicate that supplementing a balanced diet with CLA will help you to lose fat and gain lean body tissue (muscle).

Other very compelling reasons to add CLA to your daily meals include its proven ability to reduce cancer risk, reduce hardening of the arteries, prevent diabetes, support bone and joint health, and boost the immune system.

Dr. David Williams, in his health letter, Alternatives, recommends Tonalin CLA as a brand of choice, since most of the research has been done using Tonalin CLA. Met-Rx Tonalin CLA, 1000mg/90 Softgels

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