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No Excess Fat - How to lose weight fast


Thank you for letting us show you how to lose weight fast. Our quick weight loss programs are 100% free and will help you lose weight fast, easily, and permanently. You will learn how to defeat the biggest enemy of weight loss, your body’s imbalance of hormones.

We show you that it’s what you eat, how much you eat and when you eat that can increase your energy and prevent fat storage.

It’s also the sleep you enjoy, how much water you drink and how effectively you breathe
that determine whether you’ll burn or store calories.

With minor changes to your habits, you can enjoy major results!

Did you know:

  • Your muscle burns seventy times as many calories as your fat. You need muscle for quick weight loss.
  • You burn 200% more fat if you perform your exercise in the morning before eating.
  • A crash diet can actually make you gain weight by activating your body’s anti-starvation response, and by burning more of your muscle than stored fat.
  • Eating protein at your meals can speed up your metabolism as much as 30%.
  • You can increase your weight loss by eating more meals per day.
  • If you skip breakfast you’ll find it much harder to lose weight

We know what it’s like to battle a genetic slow metabolism. Years of research have taught us how to lose weight fast and have brought us wonderful results with our methods, diets and supplements.

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Meal replacements help you lose fat fast

Our free weight loss program EAT RIGHT AND LOSE FAT outlines a plan of eating 5 portion-controlled balanced meals per day, 3 hours apart. Meal replacement products (MRP’s) can help you eat those meals on-the-go. These MRP’s can provide a specific amount of calories, as well as provide a balanced supply of macronutrients – carbohydrate, protein and fat. In combination with your regular meals, one or two of these MRP’s can make the plan convenient and effective. They will also keep your portions appropriate.

Many recent studies have shown that meal replacements, as part of a low-calorie diet, are effective for helping people lose weight. University of Kansas researchers found that subjects using meal replacements for weight control lost as much weight as people who took a leading weight loss drug, Alli ( GlaxoSmithKline Alli Starter Pack, 90 Capsules). Subjects in both groups lost nearly 50 pounds in a year. The study showed that meal replacements can make you lose fat fast. ( J Am Coll Nut, 24:347-353, 2005)

Brazilian researchers found that solid meals satisfy hunger better than liquid meals. They compared hunger sensations in response to liquid and solid meals containing equal calories and high carbohydrates. In every case, people took in more calories during the day after consuming the liquid meal, 12 percent to 20 percent more calories. Solid meals prevent hunger and overeating better than liquid meals. (International Journal Obesity, in press; published online June 19, 2007)

Since MRP nutrition bars are solid meal replacements, shown to prevent subsequent hunger better than their liquid equivalents, and since they are much easier to pop into a purse or jacket pocket, we prefer to consume them. Finding an MRP nutrition bar that fits the budget and tastes good can be easily accomplished with a little experimenting.

Your MRP nutrition bar of choice should fit the following:







about 300

about 8 grams or less

about 3 grams or more

about 7 grams or less

about 15 grams or more

about 15 grams or more

The protein and carbohydrate can be higher, but should be close to a 50/50 balance (ie. 15 grams and 15 to 20 grams). All of these nutrient guidelines are a rule of thumb, not an absolute number. Get a combination reasonably close to the above guideline and you should be fine.

Beyond providing a means to conveniently follow our multi-meal plan, and delivering significant weight loss on its own, the MRP nutrition bar has been shown to lower total cholesterol, insulin, blood pressure and triglycerides. Reducing each of these factors decreases the risk of serious health problems like heart disease and stroke.

Many dieters have experienced weight loss with other programs, only to regain the excess weight upon returning to their previous eating patterns. The MRP-associated diet program studied above allowed most participants to maintain their weight loss for the duration of the study. Thus MRP’s, in addition to aiding in the initial weight loss, have been shown to be an important tool to enable you to self-manage your dietary habits permanently.

Worldwide Pure Protein is our brand of choice because they provide a perfect blend of the nutrients listed above and taste great! You can order these in several delicious flavors. Worldwide Pure Protein Bars, Box Of 12


Excess body fat is dangerous

You might have thought stored body fat was unsightly, but of little concern to your health. Recent research is turning up much more troubling insights. (Diabetes, published online Feb. 7, 2007) revealed that Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that abdominal fat can kill you. These fat cells are a hormone-secreting organ which produces inflammatory proteins that have destructive effects on blood vessels and other cells of the body. The secretions are implicated in the development of coronary artery disease and symptoms such as insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high blood fats, and blood-clotting abnormalities.

Not only are these internal deposits of fat secreting their own dangerous health-attacking agents, they also serve as a depository for the environmental pollutants you take into your body daily. Toxins such as air pollution, water pollution, chemicals, drugs, nicotine, alcohol and preservatives become cumulative in your fat tissue. The more fat you have on your body the greater the capacity to store toxic chemicals. According to Dr. Doris Rapp, M.D. (founder of the Practical Allergy Foundation, and former President of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine), “toxic chemicals are being absorbed through our skin into the body and the brain 3 times faster than water”. The body stores such toxins in fat places such as the breast. Dr. Rapp states that some of the women that have breast cancer “have four times more pesticides in their breast fat than women who do not have breast cancer.”

Study our suggestions on ways to reduce stored visceral fat. It is very important to your health to rid your body of it.

We at are not medical doctors.  We are diet and fitness researchers providing you reference information only, not medical advice.  The information given here is designed to help you make informed decisions about your fitness.  It is not intended as a substitute for any prescribed medical treatments.  We advise you to consult with a physician regarding any medical conditions or issues you may have before making changes to your diet or exercise routine.


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