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How to Lose Weight Fast - Breathe for Quick Weight Loss

Breathe and lose fat

You can actually burn stored fat by breathing. Fat is slow-burning and requires oxygen. If oxygen is delivered to your muscle cells in sufficient amounts, your body more easily burns fat for fuel. Qxygen molecules in each breath feed the tiny cellular furnaces (mitochondria) that generate energy and burn off fat.


Oxygen is the primary fuel for your metabolism. When your breathing doesn’t take in enough oxygen your metabolism slows down. When enough oxygen is brought in it effectively burns off excess body fat and resists turning new calories into stored fat.

To breathe effectively you need to practice proper use of your diaphram. Breathe in through your nose slowly and deeply, while you attempt to keep your shoulders from rising. The breath should go downward and make your abdomen swell. This happens when your diaphram is pushed down by the volume of air. This is the diaphram breathing singers practice to support their song delivery. It also insures that you get the most oxygen into your lungs with every breath.

Sit in a firm chair and keep your back as straight as you can. Then draw in a long deep breath through your nose while counting slowly to four. Slowly expel the breath while counting slowly to two. Then repeat this sequence ten times.

You should get into a habit of breathing like this whenever you are walking, jogging or performing other exercise. This technique will help you in your fat burning efforts. You will also feel an energy boost. Breathe deeply for quick weight loss.


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